Here at UFO Universal Food Oven we pride ourselves on producing the
best quality stainless steel cookers with low cost guaranteed!

The Revolutionary new way to cook


We want nothing more than to see every home with one
of our cost efficient, eco and user friendly products.

The Revolutionary new way to cook


We are proud to produce cookers that encourage the traditional form of Maori cooking.
It's important to remember our culture and after all, who doesn't like a good feed with a group of friends!

The Revolutionary new way to cook
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Universal Food Oven

The revolutionary new way to cook
made for use on Earth
by humans
UFO Mini
A portable cooker that can steam, smoke, bake and BBQ your food
UFO Portable
Shane Cameron the Mountain Warrior has come on board to endorse this little beautie!
One of the most simple and effective ways of cooking -
from steaming your veges to smoking you dinner, be it fish, steak, sausages or even tomatoes!
UFO Cold Smoke Creator
Produces cold smoke making it perfect for cold smoking
of everything from cheese, to fish and even ham!

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Cooking with your UFO is an awesome experience. You will enjoy its fabulous flavours that can be achieved by following our comprehensive recipe book, or by testing your own succulent choices! You can play with your tastes by adding smoking chips or even soil to the base of your cooker to get an authentic hangi taste.

We recommend encasing your meats, and veges in cabbage or banana leaves to encourage the natural flavour from them also. All you need to do is add 2.5L of water to the base of you UFO, lower in your food laden baskets, place the lid on and steam away for 2.5 hours. Watch the meat fall off the bone and your family and friends congratulate such a fine chef!

Should your taste buds desire a fresh mussel or two - steam them in your UFO confidently! Once they are open, they smoke beautifully in the UFO with some blue cheese scattered over them. Don't forget to add some smoking chips/dust to the base of your cooker for the smoking flavour. Your UFO can be used for smoking your meats and other seafood too.

Here all you need is your preferred flavour of smoking chips/dust sprinkled into the base of the cooker, lower your seasoned meat or fish, replace the lid and leave it to smoke for 20-25 minutes. Again, nothing but impressive as the flesh tastes simply delicious.

One of the best features of your UFO is its ability to be easily transported to your destination.

Take it along to your camping site, sports day, marae, family dinner, bach, boat club - wherever you can think of!

Just think - no digging holes, no permits, healthy, easy cooking for large or smaller numbers, and nothing to do but prepare and wait - don't forget too - limited dishes to be done afterwards! Just kick back and enjoy the rest of your day!