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Managing directors Wayne Dil and Gary Mitchell

The story of how it all began

Hunting for fallow deer one night the desire to cook while out in the forest hunting is where it began This inspired me to design the first UFO, I designed it to be light and portable , safe , long lasting , able to use many different fuel sources and able to cook in different ways. And then came the realisation of the versatility my idea could have on a international level not only for personal use to make amazing tasting food but also its use by organisations that need to cook in any situation. - Wayne (UFO inventor & designer) One of our main focuses here at UFO is to help the people in developing countries who have shortages of either food , clean water or fuel to work towards becoming more and more independant from external Aid. The UFO original cooker has done just that . Able to be used on any Fuel that burns without contaminating the food and very efficiently, Able to cook for many people at once, long lasting stainless steel construction, portible and light .